A Clockwork Sweat, 2016-2019

Installation, mixed technique, 207 x 120 x 66 cm

Pravdoliub Ivanov (Bulgaria)


A Clockwork Sweat, 2016-2019, The installation is a blend of our sense of body functions and electronically programmed actions performed by a robotic system to create an absurd reversal of the fears of a world where robots take our jobs. A clockwork Sweat tries ironically to show us that we are already living in a world where sweat can be chemically synthesized, and a set of electronic devices can sweat a working T-shirt every hour with a rhythm that has nothing to do with an 8-hours workind day. The title easily links us to Kubrick's violent and quirky film, but rather refers to the idiom, which means a clockwork bomb. The installation in its naked, overturned irony remains open for interpretations.



Clockwork Sweat, 2016-2019

Mixed technique:
artificial sweat, robotic clock controller, old T-shirt, 207 x 120 x 66 cm

With the kind consent of Sariev Contemporari Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria